Visual Language—Global Communication for the 21st Century

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In this book, Bob Horn has brought together the depth of his years of experience in information design with a wealth of research on the history and practice of visual languages. The result is a new synthesis: a way of thinking about visual language that integrates and extends the different elements on which he draws. It may come to be, as he predicts, the starting point for a new field of study that develops the "global language for the 21st century."

"Robert Horn is the Samuel Johnson and the William Shakespeare of visual literacy. He teaches us the rhetoric, grammar, and syntax and then gives us example upon example of visual wisdom. I felt like a child learning a new language; eager for every fresh term, charmed by each surprising relationship ... The literati and digerati are now joined by the visulati--visual language thinkers who have mastered the principles of visual literacy ... I give Horn's book on visual language five twinkling red-yellow-greenblue-purple stars."

—Ben Shneiderman, Prof. Univ. of Maryland, author of Designing the User Interface

270 pages

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