Team Performance Online Survey

The Grove Team Performance Online Survey™ is comprised of statements about your team covering central aspects of team performance. It is based on the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, a system-wide framework for team development that has been used in multinational, cross-sector organizations for more than three decades.

Download sample of TPOS Report

The Survey can be taken by team leaders and team members at any time and in any location and takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. By responding to statements related to core aspects of team performance, the team learns its strengths and opportunities for growth.

Immediate feedback on how the team is performing can be accessed through a web browser, with nothing to install or maintain. This Team Report, also available in PDF format, provides a powerful visual snapshot of issues that can be resolved with follow-up discussions.

To address the challenges identified by the Survey, the team consultant or team leader can draw from a treasure-trove of Grove best practices in the Survey Fieldbook and Team Leader Guide. These are keyed to the core challenges that teams tend to experience at each stage of their development.

The Survey is designed to be one component in a larger arc of team development. Clients who are familiar with the Model can enhance their suite of team performance tools with an online survey capability. Clients who are new to the Model receive coaching in the Team Performance methodology as part of the Survey package.

For more information about the Team Performance System and the Team Performance Online Survey, email, or call us at (415) 561–2500 ext. 1.