Visual Strategic Planning Templates


Strategic Planning/Visioning Kits

Learn how to bring together the best thinking of a whole organization, department, or team for long-term or annual planning using our Strategic Visioning Model.

Meeting Start-up Templates

Start meetings effectively by collectively clarifying the Outcomes, Agenda, Roles and Rules with your group to get buy-in.

Involve participants and get your meeting off to a good start.

Environmental (Internal and External) Scans

Create a snapshot of your internal or external environment.

Map what is in your product/service pipeline. Examine and understand your industry’s entire system of relationships and forces.

Visioning Templates

Identify the most compelling hopes and dreams for your organization.

Help the team envision its future.

Action Planning Templates

Create a dynamic action plan that will help a group clarify its goals and how it will reach them by defining the key steps, success factors and major challenges all in one place.