Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit

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The new Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit is a portable, card-based system that provides choices for designing a Strategic Visioning process and helping teams choose the right tools for use in virtual and face-to-face meetings. The Kit combines four key tools that provide leaders with an effective, flexible way to design one-day and two-day meetings, or a series of virtual meetings:
  1. Agenda Cards: Display time-block agendas for three different types of Strategic Visioning meetings. Each item on the Agenda Cards refers the planner to activities contained in the companion Best Practice card deck;
  2. Best Practice Cards: Display activities—which include nineteen* of The Grove’s Graphic Guide® templates and twelve best practices—proven to get results with groups involved in a strategic-visioning process or other planning exercise;
  3. Instructions: Help you orient to the card decks, engage with clients or teams to plan meetings, design agendas that fit your needs, and apply a series of best practices to your Strategic Visioning process sessions;
  4. Strategic Visioning Process Outline: Introduces the Strategic Visioning process and explains The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Model on which this Visual Planning System™ is based.
* Waves of Innovation not included.

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