Meeting Startup - Meeting Room

We now have 2 versions of our templates. The classic style (above) and the modern style (below).

Start your meetings effectively. Use this best-selling Graphic Guide® to clarify the Outcomes, Agenda, Roles and Rules (OARRs) with your group to get buy-in, involve participants and get your meeting off to a good start. There are three versions of this template, each with a distinctive metaphor: a rafting trip, a meeting room, and a treasure map.

Each Graphic Guide has a corresponding Leader's Guide with step-by-step instructions for using the template, tips for getting the most out of the group process and a case study. Leader’s Guide available in print or PDF download. 20 pages.

A PowerPoint® version of this template and all nineteen of our other Graphic Guides are available in our Digital Graphic Guides Ver. 4.0 download.

Meeting Startup - Meeting Room Template

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